Hall of Fame

The Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics Association Hall of Fame recognizes, honours and pays tribute to individuals from Newfoundland & Labrador who have attained extraordinary achievements in the sport of athletics (track and field, road running, cross-country running). We believe that recording the history of Athletics in Newfoundland & Labrador, including these achievements, encourages the development of our sport.

Hall of Fame Members


Fitzpatrick, Maria (Athlete)
Hayward, Ferd (Athlete)
Hutchings, Gerald (Athlete)
Lawrence, Chester (Athlete)
McCloy, Paul (Athlete)
O'Neill, Dolph (Athlete)


Follett, Gordon (Athlete)
Oakley, Alex (Athlete)
Pomeroy, Eric (Builder)
Spurrell, Charlie (Athlete)
Steele, Geoffery (Builder)
Stirling, Geoff (Athlete)


Brockerville, Gordon (Athlete-Builder)
Carroll, Dave "Snowy" (Athlete-Builder)
Graham, Kelly (Athlete)
Grant, Gillian (Athlete)
Halley, Gerry (Athlete)
O'Toole, Ronald (Athlete)


Bartlett, Monsignor George F (Builder)
Bell, Jack (Athlete)
Burnell, Grant (Athlete)
Canning, Jack (Athlete)
Clancy, James A (Builder)
Cotter, Billy (Athlete)
Coultas, Herb (Athlete)
Johnson, Arthur (Builder)
Johnston, Dr David (Athlete)
Kelly, Pat (Athlete)
Meaney, Art (Athlete-Builder)
Power, Gregory (Athlete)
Rabbitts, John V (Builder)
Sharpe, Duncan (Athlete)
Simms, Robert (Athlete)
Skirving, Harvey (Athlete)
St. Croix, Harold (Athlete)
Stender, Wulf (Builder)
Stone, Clifford (Athlete)
Will, Nicola (Athlete)
Wyatt, Henry (Builder)


Atkins, Ches (Athlete)
Coaker, Don (Athlete)
Emberley, Jim (Athlete)
Gatherall, Joe (Athlete)
Gillies, Ted (Athlete)
Hillier, George (Athlete)
Parsons, George (Athlete)
Will, Ray (Athlete)


Browne, Jim (Builder)
Fowlow, Robert (Athlete)
Furlong, Dennis (Athlete-Builder)
Jackson, Jim (Athlete)
Miller, Adrain (Athlete-Builder)
Power, Cyril (Athlete)
Ryan, Joe (Athlete-Builder)


Barry, Vincent (Builder)
Hawco, Phonse "Tiger" (Athlete)
Kelly, Ed (Athlete)
O'Leary, Frank (Athlete-Builder)
Pickard Sr., Chris (Builder)


Dunne, Ben (Athlete-Builder)
Hollett, Bob (Builder)
Keating, Joe (Builder)
Kirby, Max (Athlete)


Coaker, John (Athlete)
Molloy, Bernard (Athlete)
Sjare, Becky (Builder)
Woodford, Gordon (Builder)


Crane, George (Athlete)
Fudge, Murray (Builder)
Stender, Jennifer (Builder-Athlete)
Stender, Mark (Athlete)