2017 Canada Summer Games
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NLAA Affiliated Schools

School year 2016 - 2017
  1. Baltimore School, Ferryland
  2. Beachy Cove Elementary School, Portugal Cove-St. Philip's
  3. Bishop Abraham Elementary School, St. John's
  4. Bishop Feild School, St. John's
  5. Brother Rice Junior High School, St. John's
  6. Cape St. Francis Elementary School, Pouch Cove
  7. Carbonear Academy, Carbonear
  8. Cowan Heights Elementary School, St. John's
  9. École des Grands-Vents, St. John's
  10. Elizabeth Park Elementary School, Paradise
  11. Fatima Academy, St. Bride's
  12. Gander Collegiate, Gander
  13. Gonzaga High School, St. John's
  14. Goulds Elementary School, Goulds
  15. Hazelwood Elementary, St. John's
  16. Holy Cross Elementary, Holyrood
  17. Holy Family School, Paradise
  18. Holy Spirit High School, Conception Bay South
  19. Holy Trinity Elementary School, Torbay
  20. Holy Trinity High School, Torbay
  21. Immaculate Conception School, Colliers
  22. Leary's Brook Jr High School, St. John's
  23. Macdonald Drive Elementary School, St. John's
  24. Macdonald Drive Junior High School, St. John's
  25. Mary Queen of Peace Elementary School, St. John's
  26. Mary Queen of the World Elementary School, Mount Pearl
  27. Morris Academy, Mount Pearl
  28. Mount Pearl Intermediate School, Mount Pearl
  29. Mount Pearl Senior High School, Mount Pearl
  30. New World Island Academy, Summerford
  31. Newtown Elementary School, Mount Pearl
  32. Octagon Pond Elementary School, Paradise
  33. Paradise Elementary School, Paradise
  34. Rennie's River Elementary School, St. John's
  35. Riverside Elementary School, Clarenville
  36. St. Anne's Academy, Dunville
  37. St. Bernard's Elementary School, Witless Bay
  38. St. Bonaventure's College, St. John's
  39. St. Catherine's Academy, Mount Carmel
  40. St. Francis of Assisi School, Outer Cove
  41. St. Francis School, Harbour Grace
  42. St. George's Elementary, Conception Bay South
  43. St. Kevin's Junior High School, Goulds
  44. St. Mary's Elementary School, St. John's
  45. St. Matthew's School, St. John's
  46. St. Paul's Intermediate School, Gander
  47. St. Paul's Junior High School, St. John's
  48. St. Peter's Junior High School, Mount Pearl
  49. St. Teresa's School, St. John's
  50. Stephenville Elementary School, Stephenville
  51. Stephenville Middle School, Stephenville
  52. Tricentia Academy, Arnold's Cove
  53. Twillingate Island Elementary, Twillingate
  54. Upper Gullies Elementary School, Upper Gullies
  55. Vanier Elementary School, St. John's
  56. Villanova Junior High School, Conception Bay South

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