List of Participating Schools

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     Code   # of Team Members  School Name, Community
 1   PARADISE ELEMENTARY  108 Paradise Elementary School, Paradise
 2   ST GEORGE'S ELEM      66 St. George's Elementary, Manuels
 2   MACDONALD DR ELEM     66 MacDonald Drive Elementary School, St. John's
 2   VANIER ELEMENTARY     66 Vanier Elementary School, St. John's
 5   ST KEVIN'S EL GOULDS  61 St. Kevin's Elementary School, Goulds
 6   ST PETER'S SCHOO UIC  57 St. Peter's School, Upper Island Cove
 7   AMALGAMATED ACADEMY   55 Amalgamated Academy, Bay Roberts
 8   FATIMA ACADEMY        50 Fatima Academy, St Bride's
 9   ST AUGUSTINE'S ELEM   46 St. Augustine's Elementary, St. John's
10   BALTIMORE SCHOOL      45 Baltimore High School, Ferryland
11   HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL    43 Holy Family School, Paradise
12   ST TERESA'S SCHOOL    42 St. Teresa's School, St. John's
13   HOLY TRINITY ELEM     41 Holy Trinity Elementary School, Torbay
14   BEACHY COVE ELEM      38 Beachy Cove Elementary, Portugal Cove
15   ST PATRICK'S ELEM BB  32 St. Patrick's Elementary School, Bay Bulls
16   ST FRANCIS INTERM HG  31 St. Francis Intermediate School, Harbour Grace
17   ST PETER'S ELEM MP    29 St. Peter's Elementary School, Mt. Pearl
17   ST ANNE'S ACAD DUNV   29 St. Anne's Academy, Dunville
19   BALBO ELEMENTARY      27 Balbo Elementary School, Shoal Harbour
20   ST MATTHEW'S SCHOOL   25 St. Matthew's School, St. John's
21   BEACONSFIELD JR HS    24 Beaconsfield Junior High School, St. John's
22   ST KEVIN'S HS         23 St. Kevin's High School, Goulds
22   ST ANNE'S EL CON HR   23 St. Anne's Elementary, Conception Harbour
24   MOBILE CENTRAL HIGH   17 Mobile Central High School, Mobile
25   MACDONALD DR JR HIGH  16 MacDonald Drive Junior High School, St. John's
25   COWAN HEIGHTS ELEM    16 Cowan Heights Elementary School, St. John's
25   I J SAMSON JR HIGH    16 I.J. Samson Junior High School, St John's
25   ST ANDREW'S ELEM      16 St. Andrew's Elementary, St. John's
29   UPPER GULLIES ELEM    15 Upper Gullies Elementary School, Upper Gullies
30   ST PAUL'S JR HIGH     13 St. Paul's Junior High School, St. John's
30   O'DONEL HIGH SCHOOL   13 O'Donel High School, Mt. Pearl
32   HOLY SPIRIT HS        12 Holy Spirit High School, Manuels
32   ST EDWARD'S SCHOOL K  12 St. Edwards Elementary, Kelligrews
32   MT PEARL INTERMEDIAT  12 Mount Pearl Intermediate School, Mt. Pearl
35   FRANK ROBERTS INTERM   9 Frank Roberts Intermediate, Foxtrap
36   ST BONAVENTURE'S COL   8 St. Bonaventure's College, St. John's
36   GONZAGA HIGH SCHOOL    8 Gonzaga Regional High School, St. John's
36   RONCALLI HS HR MAIN    8 Roncalli High School, Avondale
39   GOULDS ELEMENTARY      7 Goulds Elementary School, Goulds
40   RONCALLI SCHOOL SJ     5 Roncalli Elementary School, St John's
40   POUCH COVE ELEM        5 Pouch Cove Elementary School, Pouch Cove
42   BISHOP ABRAHAM ELEM    3 Bishop Abraham Elementary, St. John's
42   ST CATHERINE'S ACAD    3 St. Catherine's Academy, Mount Carmel
44   PRINCE OF WALES COLL   2 Prince of Wales Collegiate, St. John's
44   BISHOP FIELD SJ        2 Bishop Field Elementary School, St John's
44   GANDER COLLEGIATE      2 Gander Collegiate, Gander
44   MARY QUEEN OF PEACE    2 Mary Queen of Peace Elementary School, St. John's
44   QUEEN ELIZ REG HS      2 Queen Elizabeth Regional High School, Foxtrap
49   LAVAL HIGH SCHOOL      1 Laval High School, Placentia
49   ST MARY'S ELEMENTARY   1 St. Mary's Elementary School, St. John's
49   ST JOHN BOSCO          1 St. John Bosco School, St. John's
49   NEWTOWN ELEM MP        1 Newtown Elementary School, Mt. Pearl
49   MT PEARL SR HS         1 Mount Pearl Senior High School, Mt. Pearl
49   ST PETER'S JR H MP     1 St. Peter's Junior High School, Mt. Pearl
49   BROTHER RICE           1 Brother Rice High School, St. John's
49   ST PIUS X ELEMENTARY   1 St. Pius X Elementary School, St. John's
49   BISHOPS COLLEGE SJ     1 Bishops College, St. John's
49   ST THOMAS VILLA NOVA   1 St. Thomas Villa Nova School, Manuels
49   TOPSAIL ELEMENTARY     1 Topsail Elementary School, Topsail
49   HOLY TRINITY REG HS    1 Holy Trinity High School, Torbay
49   HOLY CROSS HR MAIN     1 Holy Cross Elementary School, Holyrood

Total*                  1,255

* Please note that the above total is based on the number of athletes who have finished a race in the Series.