2013 Toyota Plaza Running Series

End of Season Winners

Toyota Plaza Series Standings - Rules

  • Finish in at least three Toyota Plaza Series races.
  • The best six Toyota Plaza Series races are counted for each runner in the accumulated total
  • NLAA competitive membership is required.
  • Points awarded based on age-category race position:
    1st - 10 pts, 2nd - 9 pts, 3rd - 8 pts, 4th - 7 pts, 5th - 6 pts, 6th - 5 pts,
    7th - 4 pts, 8th - 3 pts, 9th - 2 pts, 10th and each subsequent runner receive 1 point.

Last updated Monday, July 11th, 2016 @ 11:14pm
RankCategory (Gender)NamePoints
FirstU20 (men)Patrick McIlroy48 points
SecondU20 (men)Luke Taylor29 points
ThirdU20 (men)Jake Taylor16 points
ThirdU20 (men)Noah Taylor16 points
First20-29 (men)David Freake60 points
Second20-29 (men)Rob Lja48 points
Third20-29 (men)Liam Delaney30 points
First30-39 (men)Adam Snow38 points
First30-39 (men)Jamie West38 points
Third30-39 (men)Don Fagan37 points
First40-49 (men)Edward Durnford60 points
Second40-49 (men)Colin Taylor48 points
Third40-49 (men)Craig Pike39 points
First50-59 (men)Jeff Collingwood53 points
Second50-59 (men)Bill Collins50 points
Third50-59 (men)Paul Fewer48 points
First60-69 (men)Gordon Brockerville60 points
Second60-69 (men)Elroy Hynes54 points
Third60-69 (men)Harold Fillier48 points
First70+ (men)Noel Roy60 points
Second70+ (men)Kevin Pardy57 points
Third70+ (men)Fred Wight27 points
FirstU20 (women)Keeley Cox54 points
SecondU20 (women)Emily McIlroy30 points
ThirdU20 (women)Megan Ryan28 points
First20-29 (women)Sheri-Lynn Burden46 points
Second20-29 (women)Lisa Harvey26 points
Third20-29 (women)Justine Cottingham-LeBlanc14 points
First30-39 (women)Karen Penwell55 points
Second30-39 (women)Michelle Strang44 points
Third30-39 (women)Joanne McNeil43 points
Third30-39 (women)Jodi Card43 points
First40-49 (women)Sheila Collins55 points
Second40-40 (women)Susan Martyn53 points
Third40-49 (women)Melinda Saunders43 points
First50-59 (women)Yvonne Martin60 points
Second50-59 (women)Susan Brockerville50 points
Third50-59 (women)Mary Clarke41 points
First60-69 (women)Joan Hartery60 points
Second60-69 (women)Cathy Andrews57 points
Third60-69 (women)Patricia Rose36 points
First70+ (women)Florence Barron60 points
Second70+ (women)Lynda Younghusband35 points