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For information on the NLAA individual membership (competitive - road/cross-country or track & field, coach, official) please visit the membership page.

NLAA Affiliated Schools

School Affiliation

Throughout the school year the Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics Association (NLAA) hosts and sanctions numerous cross country, track and field and road running events. To compete at these events, participants must be a registered member of the NLAA.

To promote our sport at the school level and to make it more accessible to students the NLAA conducts some of its events exclusively for schools where school grades are used to determine the competition categories:

  1. School Cross-country Series)
  2. Spring Indoor Track & Field Meet (School: Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School)
  3. Junior High School Track & Field Championship
  4. TrackFest

We allow for students and schools to participate in these events by registering with the NLAA at a nominal membership fee. These fees are as follow:

  • School - During the school year, a school may join the NLAA as an associate club for $25.00. At this point, school athletes may compete in NLAA sanctioned events which are organized for schools exclusively and school grades are used to determine the competition categories.
  • Individual - One Day Registration in NLAA for Primary and Secondary School Athletes during the school year is $1.00. (Applicable to non-school members only.)
  • Important: Competing at NLAA regular sanctioned events would require individual athletes to upgrade to a full NLAA membership or pay One Day Permit Fee of $5.00
  • School discount does not apply to other events!
    School (Community) - School Year 2016 - 2017
 Baltimore School (Ferryland) 
 Bay d'Espoir Academy (Milltown) 
 Beachy Cove Elementary School (Portugal Cove-St. Philip's) 
 Bishop Abraham Elementary School (St. John's) 
 Bishop Feild School (St. John's) 
 Brother Rice Junior High School (St. John's) 
 C.C. Loughlin School (Corner Brook) 
 Cape St. Francis Elementary School (Pouch Cove) 
 Carbonear Academy (Carbonear) 
 Cowan Heights Elementary School (St. John's) 
 École des Grands-Vents (St. John's) 
 Elizabeth Park Elementary School (Paradise) 
 Fatima Academy (St. Bride's) 
 Gander Collegiate (Gander) 
 Gonzaga High School (St. John's) 
 Goulds Elementary School (Goulds) 
 Hazelwood Elementary (St. John's) 
 Holy Cross Elementary (Holyrood) 
 Holy Family School (Paradise) 
 Holy Spirit High School (Conception Bay South) 
 Holy Trinity Elementary School (Torbay) 
 Holy Trinity High School (Torbay) 
 Immaculate Conception School (Colliers) 
 Leary's Brook Jr High School (St. John's) 
 Macdonald Drive Elementary School (St. John's) 
 Macdonald Drive Junior High School (St. John's) 
 Mary Queen of Peace Elementary School (St. John's) 
 Mary Queen of the World Elementary School (Mount Pearl) 
 Morris Academy (Mount Pearl) 
 Mount Pearl Intermediate School (Mount Pearl) 
 Mount Pearl Senior High School (Mount Pearl) 
 New World Island Academy (Summerford ) 
 Newtown Elementary School (Mount Pearl) 
 Octagon Pond Elementary School (Paradise) 
 Paradise Elementary School (Paradise) 
 Rennie's River Elementary School (St. John's) 
 Riverside Elementary School (Clarenville) 
 St. Anne's Academy (Dunville) 
 St. Bernard's Elementary School (Witless Bay) 
 St. Bonaventure's College (St. John's) 
 St. Catherine's Academy (Mount Carmel) 
 St. Francis of Assisi School (Outer Cove) 
 St. Francis School (Harbour Grace) 
 St. George's Elementary (Conception Bay South) 
 St. Gerard's Elementary School (Corner Brook) 
 St. Kevin's Junior High School (Goulds) 
 St. Mary's Elementary School (St. John's) 
 St. Matthew's School (St. John's) 
 St. Paul's Intermediate School (Gander) 
 St. Paul's Junior High School (St. John's) 
 St. Peter's Junior High School (Mount Pearl) 
 St. Teresa's School (St. John's) 
 St. Thomas Aquinas School (Port au Port) 
 Stephenville Elementary School (Stephenville) 
 Stephenville High School (Stephenville) 
 Stephenville Middle School (Stephenville) 
 Tricentia Academy (Arnold's Cove) 
 Twillingate Island Elementary (Twillingate) 
 Upper Gullies Elementary School (Upper Gullies) 
 Vanier Elementary School (St. John's) 
 Villanova Junior High School (Conception Bay South) 


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