TrackFest 2017 (Grades 3/4 & 5/6)

Participation Nation

TrackFest is supported by Participation Nation School Sports NL. NLAA encourages all schools taking part in the “RJTW to TrackFest” program to also enroll in the School Sports NL Participation Nation Movement program.

Teachers & administrators

All students that participate in the “School Program” are eligible to claim the “Participation Nation RJTW” sticker; Click on this link -> to order your rewards for all participants in your school program.

How to order your students Run Jump Throw Wheel stickers from our Reward Forms on the SSNL Website (PDF) (Microsoft Word)

Participation Nation Information

Candice Petten
PN Unplugged Coordinator, School Sports NL
Tel: 729-3544 / Fax: 729-2705 / /