2017 Important Technical Notes

  1. Course tour - there will be no course tour!
  2. All entry forms MUST clearly indicate athletes' Year of Birth, Gender, Name and School Affiliation. School coaches should not assume their athlete's year of birth based on school grade. Registrations will be returned for missing information.
  3. An athlete can ONLY compete in the category determined by his / her YEAR OF BIRTH. In the event that the athlete does compete in an incorrect category, the result WILL NOT be recognized and the athlete disqualified. It is the school's responsibility to ensure that their athletes compete in the appropriate category.
  4. An athlete can represent only his/her school, and can not compete for another school.
  5. A bib number will be given to all competitors, which is to be worn visibly on the chest. The race number must be worn as issued and may not be cut, folded or obscured in any way. DO NOT REMOVE THE AFFIXED BAR CODE LABEL!
    barcode.jpg - 6kb
  6. Teachers/coaches/parents - you must ensure that your athletes are at the start area on time - 15 minutes prior to race scheduled times.
  7. Students currently attending grade 4 but born in 2010 are permitted to compete as long as they provide proof of enrollment signed by a school principal. Proof of enrollment to be submitted to the NLAA office prior to entry in a race.
  8. DO NOT JUMP THE CHUTE - All points are tabulated based on the athlete's finishing position. It is therefore imperative for the athlete after he/she crosses the finish line to stay in line and keep the order of finishing until the END of the chute, where the finish line official records his/her number.
  9. The FINISH TIMES are recorded at the front of the chute. The ORDER  is recorded at the end of the chute. Participants should stay in line in order of arrival at the finish line and MUST NOT PASS another runners. To avoid from bottle-necking the finish line, participants must WALK in the chute until they exit.
  10. Athletes will be disqualified (DQ) when:
    • start the race early or take shortcuts during the race
    • they do not go through and have their number recorded at the end of the chute
    • they cross the finish line without a number
    • they compete in another race
    • they run without a shirt having their number displayed
    • the bib number is somewhere on their person, but it is hidden or not prominently displayed on their chest.
  11. Where possible we will notify athletes of their DQ. This is generally not possible for people who skip the finish chute. You have from the end of your race until the start of the next race to make any protests.