Competition Schedule
Monday, July 3, 2017

Scheduled times and order of events may change pending registration. All athletes are asked to be at Pearlgate Complex 90 minutes prior to their scheduled event.
  • All races are Final or Timed Sections Final (TSF)

Monday, July 3
Morning Session

09:00 am Hammer Throw Final Women/Men
09:45 am Discus Throw Final Women/Men
09:45 am PARA Discus Throw Final Women/Men
10:15 am 1500m Wheelchair Final Women/Men
10:15 am Long Jump Final Women
10:30 am High Jump Final Men
10:30 am Shot Put Final Women
10:30 am PARA Shot Put Final Women
10:30 am 1500m Final Women
10:45 am 1500m Final Men
11:05 am 100mH TSF Women
11:15 am 110mH TSF Men
11:30 am Javelin Final Women
11:30 am 100m Final Women
11:40 am 100m Final Men
11:50 am 100m Special Olympics Final Women/Men
12:00 pm 400m Final Women
12:10 pm 400m Final Men
12:15 pm 400m Wheelchair Final Women/Men

Monday, July 3
Afternoon Session

01:30 pm Shot Put Final Men
01:30 pm PARA Shot Put Final Men
02:00 pm High Jump Final Women
02:00 pm Long Jump Final Men
02:30 pm Javelin Final Men
02:30 pm 200m Special Olympics Final Women/Men
02:40 pm 200m Wheelchair Final Women/Men
02:50 pm 200m TSF Women
03:00 pm 200m TSF Men
03:30 pm 800m Final Women
03:40 pm 800m Final Men
03:50 pm 5000m Final Women/Men (Mixed)
04:00 pm Triple Jump Final Women/Men
04:20 pm 400mH TSF Women
04:25 pm 400mH TSF Men