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2019 NLAA Affiliated Clubs

List of Clubs that have yet to affiliate for 2019
  • Pearlgate Track and Field Club
  • Runway Running Club
  • Stephenville Athletics Running Club
  • Trappers' Running Club


Club Affiliation Form

NLAA Affiliated Club - Rules and Regulations

  1. “NLAA Affiliated Club” means any bona fide club, track and field / cross-country running / road running, that operates in a not-for-profit manner within the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador consisting of five or more competitive athletes registered with the NLAA.
  2. To affiliate with the NLAA a club must be actively involved in the promotion and development of the sport of Athletics - cross-country running, road running, track and field - in their area of operation.
  3. Any funds generated through hosting events or by alternate means should be directed to support athletes, coaches, officials, purchasing of new equipment, or support of Athletics programs offered by the club.
  4. A Club must have an organizational structure that includes the position of president, secretary, treasurer, coaches, officials and athletes.
  5. Abide by the Rules and Regulations of the NLAA and Athletics Canada.
  6. Hold an Annual General Meeting and election of officers once a year. Forward to the NLAA office a list of elected officers and a copy of the AGM minutes.
  7. Have a bank account with two signing authorities.
  8. Clubs are encouraged to develop their own club constitution and by-laws.
  9. Have a delegate at the NLAA Annual General Meetings or present a written report reviewing the club’s activities for the current year.
  10. Affiliated clubs have the right to one vote at any Annual or General Meeting of the Association. Newly affiliated clubs must be registered with the NLAA for at least 12 months before eligible to vote at the NLAA AGM. New clubs can attend the AGM as observers.
  11. A Club must have a minimum of five (5) annual competitive members registered with the NLAA. All other club members must also be registered members of the NLAA.
  12. All officers of an affiliated Club are required to be NLAA members.
  13. Taking part in an NLAA sanctioned event requires athletes to have competitive membership (road or track) in the NLAA or obtain One Day Event Permit.
  14. Complete the NLAA “Club Affiliation Form”. Current Annual registration fee is $60 and it is valid for one calendar year from January 1 to December 31.
  15. Athletes may not represent a club unless the club is affiliated with the NLAA.
  16. Clubs should offer at least one (1) weekly training opportunity to its members.
  17. After one year of operation, clubs should organize at least one (1) NLAA sanctioned competition.