The Canadian Anti-Doping Program

Athletics Canada has adopted the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP). As part of Athletics Canada, all members of PSO are subject to Canada's anti-doping rules, which are administered by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). The CADP consists of several components such as in- and out-of-competition testing, education, medical exemptions, and the consequences of doping violations, and is compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code and all international standards.

By adopting the CADP, Athletics Canada has joined a world-class anti-doping program that is designed to protect athletes' rights and ensure a level playing field. Athletics Canada's anti-doping policy reflects and supports the CADP. See more:

The CCES recommends that athletes take the following actions to ensure they don't commit an inadvertent anti-doping rule violation:

  • Check the Global DRO ( to determine if any prescription or over-the-counter medications or treatments that are banned by the WADA Prohibited List.
  • Review Medical Exemptions requirements ( if you require the use of a banned medication for a legitimate medical reason.
  • Do not use supplements, or to take precautions prior to doing so. Supplement products cannot be verified by the CCES or in the Global DRO. A lack of industry and government regulation makes it impossible to confirm their ingredients. Read more:
  • Review the steps of the doping control sample collection procedures:

For additional resources and more about anti-doping, please contact the CCES