2019 Toyota Plaza High Performance Road Running Series

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This year there are 12 races part of the Toyota Plaza High Performance Road Running Series.

Eligibility - NLAA Competitive members-only:

Only NLAA registered competitive (road running and track & field) members for the current year will be eligible to accumulate points for the Series standings. Points will only be credited while competing as an NLAA annual competitive member.

Runners will not be credited with points achieved at a race while not a member. There will be no retroactive acceptance of performances.

Toyota Series points will not be credited to participants wearing headsets while racing.

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  • First Place: $250.00 cheque to each category winner.
  • Top 3 category finishers: Recognition award (approximate value $50.00-$60.00)


  • Age Categories for male and female: U20; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70-79; 80+.
  • Age is calculated as of December 31st in the year of the event.


  • Point system will be used to determine the Series standings in each age-category.
  • The first place finisher in each race category receives 10 points, the second 9 points, the third 8 points, the fourth 7 points, the fifth 6 points, the sixth 5 points, the seventh 4 points, the eight 3 points, the ninth 2 points, and the tenth and each subsequent runner gets 1 point. Race category placing include member and non-member participants.
  • Number of Races (4 to 6): To be included in the FINAL standings a runner must obtain points in at least four races. The best six races are counted for each runner in the accumulated total.
  • Resolving Ties (first place only): First place ties will be resolved in favor of a runner with the most top place finishes; more head-to-head wins; higher position in the NLAA 10km road running rankings.

Designated races part of 2019 Toyota Plaza High Performance Road Running Series

1Sun, Apr 14Boston Pizza Flat Out 5km Road Race
2Sun, Apr 28Nautilus Mundy Pond 5km Road Race
3Sun, May 12Nautilus Harbour Front 10km Road Race
4Sun, May 26ANE Mile Road Race
5Sat, Jun 8VOCM 740 10km Road Race
6Sun, Jun 16Uniformed Services Run 10km / Half Marathon / Half-Relay
7Sun, Jul 14Mews Memorial 8km Road Race
8Sun, Jul 21Carved by the Sea Bay Roberts 10km
9Sun, Sep 15Paradise Five and Dime (5km and 10km)
10Sun, Oct 13Trapline Marathon / Half Marathon / 10km
11Sun, Oct 13The Turkey Tea 10km Road Race
12Sun, Oct 20Orangetheory Fitness Cape to Cabot 20km Road Race