Age-Class T&F Championships

Age-Class Championships
Saturday, July 20, 2019

Meet Information

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Competition Venue

The NLAA Provincial Track and Field Age-Class Championships is to be held at Pearlgate Track and Field Complex in Mount Pearl. The track, an eight (8) lane and runways surface is Poly-urethane. Concrete discus, shot put and hammer circles with regulation cages for discus and hammer are provided.

NLAA Track and Field Members Only

This meet is open to 2019 Track and Field registered members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics Association (NLAA). Non-members, Day Permit holders and non-track and field members are not allowed to register for the meet. Annual track and field membership fee is $40.00. Non-members wishing to become members can register online.

Wheelchair Racing Basic Rules

  1. The racing chair shall have two large wheels (not to exceed 70cm in diameter) and one small wheel (not to exceed 50cm in diameter).
  2. No part of the racing chair may protrude behind the vertical plane of the back edge of the rear tires nor extend in front of the center of the front wheel hub.
  3. One push rim allowed for each large wheel.
  4. Mirrors are not allowed.
  5. It is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure that no part of his/her lower limbs can fall from the wheelchair to the ground or track during an event.
  6. The racing chair must be manually-propelled (no gears, levers or electronic steering). The athlete can propel a wheelchair independently.
  7. No delay due to equipment failure.
  8. Athlete must have a racing helmet that is a hard protective shell and recognized with an international safety standard.
  9. Athlete can use racing gloves (soft or hard gloves).

Important Reminder to ALL ATHLETES & COACHES

Only performances from NLAA INDIVIDUALLY REGISTERED track and field members of the current year will be accepted for rankings, team selection or provincial/national records. There will be no retroactive acceptance of performances.

Competition Rules

The competition will be conducted as per the IAAF Handbook and variations as per Athletics Canada and NLAA rules.

Simultaneous Entries - IAAF Rule 142.3

If a competitor is entered in both a track and field event, or in more than one field event taking place simultaneously, the appropriate Referee may, for one round at a time, or for each trial in high jump and pole vault, allow a competitor to take his trial in an order different from that decided upon by the draw prior to the start of the competition. However, if an athlete subsequently is not present for this trial, it shall be deemed that he is passing once the period allowed for the trial has elapsed.

Failure to participate - IAAF Rule 142.4

Scratches will be accepted up to 60 minutes before the scheduled start of the event. If a competitor fails to participate in a registered event, he/she will be excluded from participation in all further events in the competition, including relays.


Medals will be awarded to the first three finishers in each individual event.

Track Spikes Pins

  • Not to exceed 11 per shoe
  • Track - maximum 7 mm.
  • Runways - maximum 9 mm.
  • Needles and cone only; no trees shape spikes will be allowed

Competition Numbers

All competitors will be supplied with a competitive number. The number must not be cut, folded or obscured in any way. All race numbers must be displayed on the front.

Maximum Number of Events

An athlete can enter in maximum of three (3) events.

Registration Fees - On-line registration only!

Only events with participants will be offered in the late registration.

# of Events Regular
(before 11:59 pm, Thursday, July 18)
(before 11:59 pm, Friday, July 19)
1 Event $10 $20
2 Events $15 $25
3 Events $20 $30

Competition categories

  • U16 (15 yrs. - 12 yrs. ) born in 2004 through 2007
  • U18 (16 and 17 yrs.) born in 2003 or 2002
  • U20 (18 and 19 yrs.) born in 2001 or 2000
  • Senior (over 20 yrs.) born in 1999 or earlier
  • Masters (35+ yrs.) born on Friday, July 20, 1984 or earlier
  • Para-Athletics - Wheelchair and Para Throwing

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