Spring Meet - 2019 T & F


Spring Indoor Track & Field Meet
School: Elem, Jnr HS, Snr HS, NLAA Open
Saturday, April 6, 2019, MUN Field House, St. John’s

Registration Deadlines
Regular - -12:59 pm, Friday, Apr 5
Late: 8:00 am, April 6, 2019



The Spring Meet offers individual and school team competition in the following categories: Elementary (grades 4-6), Junior HS (grades 7-9), Senior HS (grades 10-12), and NLAA Open. Only NLAA affiliated schools are eligible for the team awards. Students attending non-affiliated schools can take part in the competition and win individual awards. There is no limit to the number of students per school.

Competition Venue

The NLAA Spring Indoor Track and Field Meet is to be held at the Memorial University Field House in St. John’s. The facility has a six (6) lane 200m oval and eight (8) lane sprint straight track. Change room facilities and showers are available - bring own lock and towel.

Entering the Field House

Spectators, parents, coaches and non-competing athletes are asked to use the MAIN ENTRANCE of the Field House to enter the building (the doors for the ticket office entrance will be locked). They should then proceed to the upper level of the Field House to watch the competition.

Spectator/Viewing Area

All spectators, coaches and non-competing athletes should use the second floor of the field house to view the competition.


DESIGNATED PARKING - Participants and visitors can use the Field House parking lot, adjacent to the Field House lot in front of soccer field, Aquarena overflow, and behind St. Augustine’s Anglican Church.

Participants will not be permitted to park in the Aquarena main lot and anyone parking in areas in the Field House lot that are not designated as parking stalls will be ticketed or towed.

Designated Parking Areas


  • School Categories - Elementary, Junior HS, Senior HS
    • Individual awards will be presented immediately following the completion of each individual/relay event. The top eight (8) finishers in each individual and relay event will receive ribbons.
    • Team banners will be presented in the Elementary, Junior HS and Senior HS competitions to each of the top girls and boys teams. Schools that have affiliated with the NLAA, prior to the meet, for the 2018/2019 school year are eligible for the team awards.
  • NLAA Open - Medals will be presented to the three (3) finishers in each individual event. Team scores will be kept but no team awards will be presented in the Open category

Team Competition - Scoring

  • Individual Events: The top 2 finishers per school/club will score.
  • Relays: Only one (1) team per school will score.

NLAA Open - Team scores will be kept but no team awards will be presented.

Athletes from non-scoring teams are eligible for the individual awards. Participants from non-affiliated schools will not be assigned team points.

Wheelchair Racing Basic Rules

  1. The racing chair shall have two large wheels (not to exceed 70cm in diameter) and one small wheel (not to exceed 50cm in diameter).
  2. No part of the racing chair may protrude behind the vertical plane of the back edge of the rear tires nor extend in front of the center of the front wheel hub.
  3. One push rim allowed for each large wheel.
  4. Mirrors are not allowed.
  5. It is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure that no part of his/her lower limbs can fall from the wheelchair to the ground or track during an event.
  6. The racing chair must be manually-propelled (no gears, levers or electronic steering). The athlete can propel a wheelchair independently.
  7. No delay due to equipment failure.
  8. Athlete must have a racing helmet that is a hard protective shell and recognized with an international safety standard.
  9. Athlete can use racing gloves (soft or hard gloves).

Events & Competition Categories

The school competition categories are based on grade, not age.
Participants may compete in up to three (3) events, including relay.
There is no limit to the number of athletes or relay teams a school/club can enter in an event.
Girls and boys compete in separate categories.

  • Elementary School (grades 4 - 5 - 6)
    60m, 60m WC, 150m, 150m WC, 300m, 4x200m Relay, Standing Long Jump
  • Junior High School (grades 7 - 8 - 9)
    60m, 60m WC, 200m, 200m WC, 400m, 800m, 1200m, 4x200m Relay, Standing Long Jump
  • Senior High School (grades 10 - 11 - 12)
    60m, 60m WC, 200m, 200m WC, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 4x200m Relay
  • NLAA Open
    60m, 60m WC, 200m, 200m WC, 400m, 800m, 1500m

Track Footwear and Pins

No outside footwear is allowed on the track. All participants must wear indoor sneakers or gym shoes.

Athletes part of the Elementary Schools Competition are NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR SPIKED SHOES.

Athletes competing in the Junior HS, Senior HS and NLAA Open categories may wear track spikes (3mm). Any shoes designed for turf sports are not allowed. Participants may not compete in their bare feet, slippers or socks. Click here to view the Track Footwear and Pins policy.

Race Number Pick-up

NLAA Race Number Pick-up

Race numbers will be available for pick up on MEET DAY at the MUN Field House beginning at 9:15 am from the “Race Bib Pick-up Desk”. A volunteer will be on-site at the field house lobby near the main desk.

Technical Meeting

There will be no Technical Meeting.

Athlete Control Center (Marshaling area)

The lobby/sitting area of the Field House is designated as the Athlete Control Center. Only athletes reporting for their event are allowed in this area.

Warm-Up Area

Please use the area on the second floor of the field house for warm-up.

Competition Area

Once all athletes have been marshaled in for competition they should not leave the designated competition area without the permission of a Meet Judge.


The Meet Announcer will inform the public of the names and numbers of the athletes taking part in each event, and all relevant information such as the composition of the heats, lanes or stations drawn, and intermediate times. Event results (placing, times, heights and distances) of each event will be announced at the earliest possible moment after receipt of the information.

Check-in and Call up procedures

The Athlete Control Center will open forty-five (45) minutes prior to the first event and will organize the timely call up of all competitors. All athletes must report to the Athlete Control Center following the call of their event. There will be only one and Final call made prior to each event:

  • Track Events - 20 minutes
  • Field Events - 20 minutes

Ten (10) minutes after the final call all competitors will be escorted by a designated official to their competition area. Athletes arriving late, after all competitors are escorted to the competition area, will not be allowed to participate in the event and will be barred from further participation in the meet.

Athletes will be checked for the following items in the marshaling area:

  • Appropriate bib numbers and footwear