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Provincial Track and Field Records

NLAA Regulations for Claiming Track and Field Records

  1. In order to be eligible for a Provincial Record, the athlete must be a resident and the performance in question must be at an event which is officially sanctioned by the NLAA and supervised by qualified officials.
  2. Residents shall be persons whose permanent address is in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and shall include students in institutions of education, as opposed to those with temporary residence, i.e. persons on holidays, on work-terms, etc.
  3. Newfoundland and Labrador records will be accepted for outdoor (age-group) events.
  4. In order to claim a provincial track and field record a claimant must be registered as a track and field member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics Association (NLAA) prior to the commencement of the competition event for which the record is claimed.
  5. A Newfoundland and Labrador provincial record cannot be claimed by an athlete registered with a jurisdiction other than the NLAA.
  6. In order to be considered for a record the performance must be recorded at a meet or event sanctioned by the Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics Association, Athletics Canada or any other meet or event approved and sanctioned by IAAF.
  7. The event for which a record is claimed must comply fully with IAAF rules.
  8. The venue, equipment and layout of the meet or event must comply fully with IAAF rules and standards.
  9. In order to be considered for a running record all times should be fully automatic.
    1. For running records of 400 metres and less, fully automatic timing is mandatory.
    2. For running and walking records longer than 400 metres hand timing may be considered if the claimant or meet director can demonstrate that IAAF rules were strictly applied to the timing.
  10. All record claims must be submitted to the NLAA office with verifiable results (e.g copy of official results or reference to event website).
    1. Athletes are expected to submit record claims within two weeks of the performance.
    2. Coaches or other officials may submit record claims on the athlete’s behalf.
  11. Outdoor Records will be accepted in the following age categories (male and female):
    • *U16 (14 & 15 in year of competition)
    • *U18 (16 & 17 in year of competition)
    • *U20 (18 & 19 in year of competition)
    • Senior (20 and older in year of competition)
    • Masters (men 40-44, women 35-39)
    • *Athletes in these categories may also claim records in higher age groups in cases where the younger group performance is superior to the older.
  12. Records will be accepted for all standard IAAF and Athletics Canada events.
  13. Performances achieved in mixed-gender races cannot be considered for record purposes
  14. Indoor performances cannot be submitted for outdoor records.
  15. Records for relay events cannot be accepted if made by ad hoc groups. All athletes in the relay squad claiming a record must be members of the same identifiable group (i.e. regional, club, school, college, or university team or a provincial representative team) recognized as such by meet officials and NLAA.
    1. In order to claim a relay record all members of the relay squad must be track and field members of NLAA.