9th Annual Warm Up Cross Country Running Series for Schools
Overall Awards
The overall series awards are given based on the 2 best performances out of 3 races in each applicable category. To be eligible for awards a school must be affiliated with the NLAA.

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The "Paul McCloy Perpetual Plaque

Category Winners

School With the Most Participants

Individual Winners

The Fastest Times

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"Individual Category Winners"

Each of the following winners receives a "Sportstech" $30.00 gift certificate.
Born in 1992
Girls Courtney King ('92), Cowan Heights Elementary - 2 pts
Boys Justin Quellette ('92), Paradise Elementary - 2 pts

Born in 1991
Girls Brittany Coombs ('91), St Peter's School /UIC - 2 pts
Boys Ryan Roule ('91), St George's Elementary - 2 pts

Born in 1990
Girls Sara Coady ('90), Holy Trinity Elem /Torbay - 2 pts
Boys Jason Power ('90), Cowan Heights Elementary - 2 pts

Born in 1989
Girls Ariana Kavanagh ('89), St Kevin's Elem /Goulds - 2 pts
Boys Matthew Smith ('89), St Peter's School /UIC - 4 pts

Born in 1987-88
Girls Sheri-Lynn Chidley ('88), Baltimore School - 2 pts
Boys Christopher Feltham ('88), Leary's Brook Jr High - 3 pts

Born in 1986 +
Girls Jennifer Murphy ('84), O'Donel High School - 2 pts
Boys Edward Hawkins ('85), Baltimore School - 2 pts

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