9th Annual Warm Up Cross Country Running Series for Schools
Overall Awards
The overall series awards are given based on the 2 best performances out of 3 races in each applicable category. To be eligible for awards a school must be affiliated with the NLAA.

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The "Paul McCloy
Perpetual" Plaque

Category Winners

School With the
Most Participants

Individual Winners

The Fastest Times

School Roster

"Volunteers - Thank you!"

Au, Maureen
Bourgeois, Jason
Clarke, Terry
Collingwood, Jeff
Feltham, Nancy
Gifford, Charlotte
Gifford, Isabel
Gifford, Kingsley
Hann, Philip
Hicks, Ben
Hogarth, Adam
Hogarth, Daniel
Hogarth, Dian
Hogarth, Stanley
Langsdorf, Brandi
Long, Ed
Moffatt, Hannah
Moody-Corbett, Roderick
Mooney, Ann Marie
Skoglund, Eric
Soper, Jenifer
Stanoev, George
Stead, Jordan
Steel, Abigail
Sweeney, Susan
Will, Ray

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