Holiday Hustle Track & Field Meet

Holiday Hustle Track & Field Meet

Sun, Dec 4, Memorial University Field House.
Open Category, minimum age 16 (born in 2006)

Entry Deadlines:
Regular Sat, Dec 3
Late 9:00 am, Sun, Dec 4

There are no awards at this event.

Meet results will not be posted on-site but available online after the competition is over.


Events (maximum 2 events)

Track: 60m, 60mWC, 60mH, 300m, 600m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m

Note: ONLY 3mm (cone) spiked shoes are permitted.

Field: Shot Put
(by invitation only, limited to MUN students)

Entry Fees & Deadline

Regular - $5.00 (per event) registered by Sat, Dec 3.

Late - $5.00 (per event) + $10 late fee for entries received by 9:00 am, Sun, Dec 4.

Event limit: maximum of 2 events

All athletes must be a member of NLAA/Athletics Canada (Track & Field); non-members will be charged an additional $5 Day membership.

Tentative Schedule - Sun, Dec 4

  • Bib # pick-up Begins @ 4:00 pm (meet day).
  • Athletes must be available & ready to compete up-to 15 minutes before their designated event start time.
Time Event
5:00pm1500m Open Women
5:10pm1500m Open Men
5:25pm60mH Open Women
5:30pm60mH Open Men
5:30pmShot Put Open Women/Men
5:35pm600m Open Women
5:40pm600m Open Men
5:50pm60m WC MIXED Women/Men
5:50pm60m Open Women
6:00pm60m Open Men
6:10pm1000m Open Women
6:15pm1000m Open Men
6:25pm300m Open Women
6:30pm300m Open Men
6:40pm3000m Open Women
6:55pm3000m Open Men

Competition Rules

The competition will be conducted as per the World Athletics Handbook and variations as per Athletics Canada and NLAA rules.

Starting Commands for races 400m and shorter: “On your marks”, “Set”, the gun will be fired.

Starting Commands for races longer than 400m: “On your marks”, the gun will be fired. Standing Start!

Running in lanes for races 300m and shorter: all runners must remain in their assigned lanes for the duration of the race from start to finish. The races will be run entirely in lanes.

In the 600m a two (2) turn stagger start will be used with one (1) competitor per lane at the start, runners must stay in their assigned lanes during the first 2 turns, after they cross the “breakline” runners can cut into Lane 1.

False Start: Athlete(s) responsible for the false start will be disqualified.

A crouch start and the use of starting blocks is mandatory for race 400m and shorter.

It is the responsibility of each individual competitor to promptly report for their events.

All events will be run as Timed Section Finals (TSF).

Track Spikes

ONLY 3mm (cone) spiked shoes will be permitted for competition, 6mm or 9mm spikes of any type are not permitted. Any athlete who does not follow this policy will immediately lose access to the Competition.

Athletes wearing spiked shoes must stay on the track surface at all times.

ABSOLUTELY no spikes are to be permitted on the green synthetic surface as it will damage the floor. This regulation will be strictly enforced, if we determine that athletes are not following this regulation then we will have no alternative but to not allow spiked shoes.

For more information on spike usage, please contact the The Works at 709.737.3000 or click on the link to provide feedback:

Registration Information

Confirming Online Registration is the responsibility of each participant or the teacher/coach/parent completing the registration. After entering all personal information, you must click on  PROCEED TO STEP 2  for payment. Clicking on  SAVE & COMPLETE LATER  will not register participants. Athletes successfully registered for the meet will have THEIR NAME APPEARED IMMEDIATELY ON THE CONFIRMATION LIST.

Event Fees (per event)
- Regular: $5 (per event) - Saturday, Dec 3;
- Late: Additional $10 late fee for entries received by 9:00 am, Sun, Dec 4.

Non-member One Day Permit fee: $5

  • Online registration and payment only. No telephone entries. No faxes. No entries by e-mail.
  • School or Club name missing from the online registration form? - Only NLAA Affiliated Clubs/Schools are listed in the online Team form.
  • Participants from schools/clubs not listed must select Unattached Newfoundland And Labrador (UNNL).
  • Affiliated Schools are NOT eligible to claim discounts for this meet. Participants must be registered as NLAA Competitive members (Track & Field) or pay the One Day Fee.
  • Refund Policy: There are no refunds, transfers or credits. No Change of events OR adding of new event after the Final Deadline - 9:00 am, Sunday, December 4.
  • Membership or One Day Permit Fee: All participants must be NLAA Track & Field Members or purchase One Day Permit: Remember to enter NLAA Competitive membership # under "Member ID:" to avoid the extra $5 Day Permit Fee charge - NO REFUNDS.