2024 NLAA High School Provincials

Saturday, June 1, 2024, Pearlgate Track and Field Complex, Mount Pearl


The Championships are open to any school with high school students. Although the meet is intended for high school students, eligibility will extend to students registered in that school from grade 9 to grade 12. Junior High schools or students at those schools are not permitted to register. Athletes will compete in one open category, not by grade.

Students may only represent/compete under the school where they are currently enrolled.

Ambulatory throwers and runners are encouraged to participate; they will be integrated with able-bodied participants.

The Competition


Individual: Gold, silver and bronze individual medals. They are presented immediately following the completion of each event.
Team: Female and Male Provincial Championship banners. Only NLAA-affiliated schools are eligible for the team awards.

Individual and Team Competition

  • Team competition: NLAA Affiliated Schools only.
  • Individual competition: Students attending non-affiliated schools can participate and win individual awards.
  • No Limit: Schools have no limit to the number of participants they can enter in each event, including relay teams.
  • Max events: A competitor may enter a maximum of three (3) events plus a relay. A student can be part of only one relay team.
  • Scoring: The top two (2) ranked athletes in each event per school will score, and only one (1) relay team per school will score.
    • Wheelchair and Special Olympic athletes will receive individual awards, but their results will not be awarded points toward team standings.
    • Points for the team placement will be awarded based on the number of NLAA-affiliated schools in the competition (e.g., if there are 10 eligible teams in the Championships, points will begin at 20 for the top competitor and descent by 1).


“Able Bodied” competitors cannot be entered in Wheelchair events.

Participants may compete in up to three (3) individual events plus a relay.

  • Track: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m; 4x100m relay
  • Jumps: Long Jump, High Jump
  • Throwing: Shot Put, Javelin Throw, Discus Throw
  • Events Para-athletes:
  • Special Olympic (SO) - 100m, 200m
  • Wheelchair (WC)* - 100, 400m, 1500m
    • All WC athletes must have a racing helmet with a hard protective shell, recognized with an international safety standard.
    • The wheelchair track events are open to all classifications but will compete in the open class and will therefore compete for the same set of medals as all athletes entered in the event.

Weight of Throwing Implements:

  • Event - Female/Male
  • Shot Put - 4kg/5kg
  • Discus - 1kg/1.5kg
  • Javelin - 600g/700g

Competition Schedule (Tentative)

Schedule will be reviewed and updated if needed after the end of the late registration period.
ON MEET DAY, start times can be moved up by 30 minutes!

Schedule was last modified on May 31, 2024, at 4:15 pm.


  • 9:30 100m Girls
  • 9:50 100m Boys
  • 10:00 Girls Shot Put
  • 10:00 Boys Javelin Throw
  • 10:30 Girls Long Jump
  • 10:30 Boys High Jump
  • 10:30 1500m Girls
  • 10:40 Boys 1500m WC
  • 10:50 Boys 1500m
  • 11:15 Girls Javelin Throw
  • 11:15 Boys Shot Put
  • 11:30 Girls 400m
  • 11:45 Boys 400m


  • 1:30 Boys Discus Throw
  • 1:45 Boys Long Jump
  • 1:45 Girls High Jump
  • 2:00 Girls 800m
  • 2:10 Boys 800m
  • 2:40 Girls 200m
  • 2:55 Boys 200m
  • 3:15 Girls Discus Throw
  • 3:15 Girls 3000m
  • 3:30 Boys 3000m
  • 3:50 Girls 4x100m relay
  • 4:00 Boys 4x100m relay


Registration and payment must be made through the Trackie registration platform. Refund Policy: There are no refunds, transfers or credits.

Registration deadlines and fees per athlete:

  • Registration will open on Wednesday, May 15.
  • Regular Deadline ($10 per student): Thursday, May 30
  • Late Deadline ($20 per student): 2:00 pm, Friday, May 31
  • A One-Day Permit fee of $1 per student will be added to non-NLAA-affiliated schools. NLAA individual track and field members can enter their membership number to avoid the $1 fee.
  • Up to 3 individual events and a relay.

Relay Team Registration

  • A teacher-sponsor or school-designated coach must select Relay Members (4 girls or 4 boys) from participants registered on TrackieReg.
  • Relay TEAMS must be submitted by the registration deadline. A teacher-sponsor or school-designated coach must submit participants’ names in running order to the NLAA office via email to nlaaoffice@gmail.com before the registration deadline (2:00 pm, Friday, May 31).
  • All Relay Members must already be registered for an individual event. If not, they must register and pay online and select RELAY EVENT ONLY as an event. Athletes participating as part of a relay team, and that’s the only event they do, must register and pay on TrackieReg. To register, these athletes must select RELAY EVENT ONLY as an event. Athletes already registered in individual events and are part of a relay team MUST NOT register for a RELAY ONLY EVENT as an event.
  • A student can be a part of only one relay team.

MEET DAY Relay Changes:

  • No relay teams will be added following the registration deadline - 2:00 pm, Friday, May 31.
  • Relay Team Changes: On a meet day, school/club coaches can use the RELAY TEAM ADJUSTMENT FORM inside the “Coach’s Package” to make a) substitutions with an eligible athlete(s), b) change relay running order, and c) report TEAM scratches.
  • Relay Changes Period: 2:45 pm to 3:00 pm
  • Following the Final Update period, relay teams that have altered the declared order or team members will be disqualified.

Confirming your Online Registration is the responsibility of each participant or the teacher/coach/parent completing the registration. After entering all personal information, you must click on  PROCEED TO STEP 2  for payment. Clicking on  SAVE & COMPLETE LATER  will not register participants for the event. Athletes successfully registered for the meet will have THEIR NAME APPEAR IMMEDIATELY ON THE CONFIRMATION LIST.

Registration Deadlines
Regular - Thursday, May 30
Late - 2:00 pm, Friday, May 31

Bib Number Pick-Up

NLAA Race Number Pick-up

Race numbers will be available for pick up on MEET DAY beginning at 8:45 am from the “Race Bib Pick-up Desk”. A volunteer will be on-site at Pearlgate.