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TrackFest 2020

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Are the relays included as one of the three events a student can enter?

No; New to 2019, the relays are no longer included as one of the 3 individual events a participant can register for. Participants may now enter 3 individual events, plus a relay.

If we can have 3 relay teams, is that 3 boys and 3 girls relay teams or 3 combined?

Yes, each school is permitted to enter up to three (3) girls and three (3) boys relay teams per grade category.

Is the Trackie.reg fee $5 per child or $5 per child per event?

The cost is a flat fee of $5 per student. Whether they register for 1 event, relay only, or 3 events, the cost is still $5.

If the athlete is in grade 4 but supposed to be in grade 5, does he still compete in with the grade’s 4?

Athletes must compete in the grade they are in at school; not age groups.

If I can pick the 3 students to advance is this 3 in total or 3 boys and 3 girls?

You can select 3 girls and 3 boys for each grade category for each event. There are two grade categories (3&4, 5&6). There are 6 events not including relays. So you can bring 18 girls and 18 boys(36 total), not including your relay teams and any participants in the wheelchair events.

My school does not have hurdles; what could we substitute?

You can improvise by getting some foam pool noodles and place them across boards, or foam blocks raised to the specifications indicated on the TrackFest information sheet.


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