Competition Rules and Policies

The Junior HS Championships will be conducted as per the IAAF Handbook and variations as per Athletics Canada and NLAA rules. The High School athletes in grades 10-12 will run the SSNL portion of the event only and follow SSNL modified tech standards rules.

  • Timing - FinishLynx Photo Finish System and Hy-Tek Meet Manager will be in use for the meet.
  • Starting Commands for sprinting events (400m and shorter): “On your marks”, “Set”, the gun will be fired
  • Starting Commands for 600m/800m/1200m/1500m events: “On your marks”, the gun will be fired. Standing Start!
  • Running in lanes for sprinting events (400m and shorter): all runners must remain in their assigned lanes for the duration of the race from start to finish. In the 100m/200m/300m/400m, and 4x100m relay, each athlete will have a separate lane at the start. The races will be run entirely in lanes.
  • False Start: Athlete(s) responsible for the false start will be disqualified
  • A crouch start and the use of starting blocks is mandatory for 100m, 200m, 300m/400m, and 4x100m relay.
  • Middle-distance events: 800m/1200m/1500m/2000m - all starts will be made from a standing position. Middle-distance running in lanes: runners begin from a common start line and may cut to the inside lane after the first turn or crossing the breakline.
  • Track Spikes Pins:
    ⇒ Not to exceed 11 per shoe
    ⇒ Track - maximum 7 mm / Runways - maximum 9 mm
    ⇒ Needles and cone only; no trees shape spikes will be allowed
  • All athletes must individually register for the meet through TrackieReg online registration system. In some cases, schools may register the entire team online; please confirm with your school who is responsible for the meet registration.
  • Online Registration confirmation is the responsibility of each participant or the teacher/coach/parent completing the registration. After entering all personal information, you must click on  PROCEED TO STEP 2  for payment. Clicking on  SAVE & COMPLETE LATER  will not register participants for the event. Athletes successfully registered for the meet will have THEIR NAME APPEAR IMMEDIATELY ON THE CONFIRMATION LIST.
  • It is the responsibility of each individual competitor to promptly report for their events.
  • A participant may compete in up to three individual events plus a relay.
  • There is no limit to the number of athletes a school can enter in an event, however, the top 2 finishers only (one relay team per school) in each event per school will score.
  • Athletes should be ready to compete shortly after they are called to the start. Practice time before each start will be kept to a minimum, 1-2 minutes.
  • Athletes must report to track events 20 minutes prior to the start of the event and 30 minutes prior to the start of the field events.
  • Any athletes unable to compete in an event must be scratched one hour prior to the start of the session. Substitutions are not allowed. Athletes will not be permitted to change events after the registration deadline.
  • Athletes who have entered an event, and did not compete, without being properly scratched, will not be permitted to compete in the remainder of the competition.
  • All events will be run as Timed Section Finals (TSF).
  • In all events, Junior HS athletes will compete first followed by the High School category. To avoid empty lanes, however, race organizers reserve the right to combine some events. Combined races will be ranked separately. Please note that NLAA and Athletics Canada rules do not allow mixed gender (female and male) races.
Relay Registration
  • Schools must register their relay team(s) online; without submitting the names of the competitors. The relay participants’ names are due at the Technical Information Centre/Bib Pick-up area, one hour before the scheduled start of the relay. All relay participants must already be registered for the meet. Relay Teams that do not declare their participants by the deadline will be automatically scratched.
  • No relay teams will be added following the registration deadline.
  • No limit to the number of relay teams a school/club can enter. Only one (1) team per school/club will score.
  • Schools with athletes competing in the RELAY ONLY - athletes not competing in any individual event but are part of a relay team MUST register online as individual and select “SPARE” event under “Event #1:”.
  • Athletes MUST NOT register individually for the relays. Relay registration is only possible when a team of 4 athletes are registered at the same time. School coach/teacher or a designate should register the entire team.

Relays - Passing Zones
  • Passing zones are 20m long, centered on the starting line for each leg.
  • The baton must be carried by hand, if dropped it must be retrieved by the runner who dropped it.
  • The baton must be exchanged within the passing zone.