Meet Schedule

Schedule last updated on May 16, 2022
Competition schedule is subject to change based on meet entries at the end of regular registration.
TSF: Timed Section Finals
Para and SO: Para shot put & Standing Long Jump Special Olympics - 3 trials.
Long Jump and Shot Put: Top 8 ranked athletes after round 3 will be allowed 3 additional trials.
Mixed races: Male and Female Athletes competing in the Wheelchair and Special Olympics may participate together in some of the events but will be ranked separately. Based on NLAA and Athletics Canada rules, mixed-gender (female and male) races are not allowed for all other categories.
2000m: When fewer than 4 athletes in each field, the girls and boys races will be combined and run together but ranked separately. The race will start at the the girls’ scheduled time.
Para shot put are open to all throwing classifications with results being calculated through the WPA Points Scoring Tables.

    Morning Session
  • 9:30 100m TSF Girls - Junior HS, SO, WC
  • 9:35 100m TSF Boys - Junior HS, SO, WC
  • 9:50 1200m Final Girls
  • 9:55 1200m Final Boys
  • 10:15 Shot Put 3kg Final Girls - Junior HS, Para
  • 10:30 Long Jump Final Boys
  • 10:30 Standing Long Jump Final SO Boys
  • 11:00 300m TSF Girls
  • 11:05 300m TSF Boys
  • 11:15 High Jump Final Girls
  • 11:50 4x100m TSF Girls
  • 11:55 4x100m TSF Boys
    Afternoon Session
  • 1:30 800m TSF Girls
  • 1:35 800m TSF Boys
  • 1:45 Long Jump Final Girls
  • 1:45 Standing Long Jump Final SO Girls
  • 1:50 High Jump Final Boys
  • 2:30 Shot Put 4kg Final Boys - Junior HS, Para
  • 3:00 200m TSF Girls - Junior HS, SO, WC
  • 2:10 200m TSF Boys - Junior HS, SO, WC
  • *2:30 2000m Final Girls
  • *2:45 2000m Final Boys