2023 Coaching Education Weekend In St. John’s

  1. Run Jump Throw Wheel (RJTW) Athletics Leader - April 21-22, 2023
  2. NCCP Sport Coach - April 18-23, 2023

Coaching - General Information

  1. Athletics Canada Coaching Education Update - November 2013

    Where do I begin?

  2. Membership

    NLAA membership is renewable in November of each year. The membership covers the coach for training & coaching accident insurance and some liability insurance as a volunteer for our organization. All coaches should have a criminal record check and child abuse registry check completed prior to taking out the membership.

    Only coaches with a paid NLAA membership are eligible for coach, manager or chaperone positions on Provincial and National Teams or for any grants and awards. All applicants must meet Newfoundland and Labrador residency requirements.

  3. Coach Development

    The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) has recently gone through a major transition from the Old NCCP to the New NCCP. The New NCCP is a competency based coach education program that allows coaches to complete training in the context (environment) in which they are coaching.

    The Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel (RJTW) Instructor Course has been in operation since 2006 and was developed under New NCCP standards. RJT is Athletics Canada’s introductory/grassroots athlete and coach development program.

    The courses that replace the Level 1 and Level 2 Technical Workshops in the Old NCCP have been available since September 2008. These courses are integrated - that is they are theory and technical concepts together. Sport Coach replaces Level 1 and Club Coach replaces Level 2.

    The course that replaces Level 3 is called Performance Coach (Competition Development). The course was piloted for the first time in the fall of 2009 and the second pilot will be held in 2010.

    Managing Conflict and Leading Drug Free Sport are two of the courses required for Athletics Canada’s Performance Coach program.

  4. Athletics Canada National Coaching Certification program (NCCP)

    Athletics Canada has developed the site in order to assist the needs of coaches involved in all levels of Track and Field across the country.

    This site has been developed as part of the transition from the old to the new National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and represents an effort to accommodate our coaches and facilitate the distance education element of the new NCCP program. This site houses course descriptions and program information; pre-course work and evaluation components of all major Athletics NCCP courses.

  5. Coach Workshops & Seminars

    Coaching NL offers a variety of other courses under the heading of Competition Development. The list of courses and the dates offered can be found on their website.

  6. Links

Maintenance of Coaching Certification

In order to maintain your coaching certification, professional development credits must be gained over a period of 5 years. Examples of events for which coaches can gain professional development credits include: coaching at national championships, eLearning modules, webinars, clinics, talks, workshops and courses organized by Athletics Canada or provincial branches.

Professional Development (PD) points towards Maintenance of Certification Status begins once “Certified” status is earned. PD points earned prior to becoming “Certified” will not count towards the Maintenance of Certification Status.

Athletics “Certified” Coaches ( Run Jump Throw Wheel Instructor, Sport Coach, Club Coach, and Performance Coach), please visit your NCCP Locker to see how many Professional Development points you have accumulated during your current Maintenance of Certification cycle and how many Professional Development points you still need to accumulate during your current Maintenance of Certification cycle.

Maintenance of Certification is the NCCP policy that requires NCCP coaches to maintain their certification through Professional Development and training opportunities over a predetermined period.

The NCCP Maintenance of Certification and Professional Development policy:

  • provides coaches with credit for attending Professional Development opportunities
  • promotes upgrading and maintaining relevancy to coaching practices

The number of points required depends on the context where the coach is certified:

Athletics Canada NCCP CertificationMinimum PD credits required over a 5-year period for renewal of certification:
-  Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel Instruction
10 points
Community Sport:
– Sport Coach
10 Points
Competition - Introduction
- Club Coach
20 points
Competition - Development
- Performance Coach
30 points

Here are some free modules available in your Locker to accumulate PD points:

NCCP Making Head Way

NCCP Safe Sport Training

NCCP Emergency Action Plan

Fundamentals of Athletics: Track

Fundamentals of Athletics: Jumps

Fundamentals of Athletics: Throws

Modules available in your Locker, that come with a cost, to accumulate PD points:

NCCP Sport Nutrition ($20)

NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport ($15)

NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability ($15)

Athletics Canada Coach Development Model

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