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The Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics Association Hall of Fame recognizes, honours and pays tribute to individuals from Newfoundland & Labrador who have attained extraordinary achievements in the sport of athletics (track and field, road running, cross-country running). We believe that recording the history of Athletics in Newfoundland & Labrador, including these achievements, encourages the development of our sport.

Nomination Deadline

Nominations must be received by NLAA on or before Monday, September 30, 2024. Download or view the Hall of Fame Nomination form (PDF).

Classification Of Members

Athlete is defined as a competitor or participant in cross country running, road running or track and field recognized by the Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics Association, whether amateur or professional and may include groups, clubs, families or teams.


Builder is defined as any individual, group, club or family which has made a major contribution toward the promotion, development and advancement of cross country running, road running or track and field in Newfoundland and Labrador. Without restriction the generality of foregoing, may include officials, managers, trainers, coaches, physical fitness instructors, administrators, and executive or athletic clubs, groups and associations, etc.


Official/Coach is defined as any individual, group, family or club who has combined dedication and preparation in amateur sport with continued interest and contribution toward the promotion, development and advancement of athletics officiating in the Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics Association.


Florence, Barron (Athlete)
Jeff, Collingwood (Athlete)
Libby, Dyer (Athlete)
Robert, Dollard (Builder/Coach)


Barrington-Johnston, Anne (Athlete)
Glynn, Keith (Builder)
Martin-Ward, Colleen (Athlete)
Power, Peter (Athlete)


Delaney, Stephen (Builder)
Greene, Michael (Athlete)
Lewis, Peter (Athlete)
O'Brien, Trevor (Athlete)


Adey, Stephanie (Athlete)
Taylor, Keith (Builder)
Toope, Lori (Athlete)
Wiseman, Steve (Athlete)


Crane, George (Athlete)
Fudge, Murray (Builder)
Stender, Jennifer (Builder-Athlete)
Stender, Mark (Athlete)


Coaker, John (Athlete)
Molloy, Bernard (Athlete)
Sjare, Becky (Builder)
Woodford, Gordon (Builder)


Dunne, Ben (Athlete-Builder)
Hollett, Bob (Builder)
Keating, Joe (Builder)
Kirby, Max (Athlete)


Barry, Vincent (Builder)
Hawco, Phonse "Tiger" (Athlete)
Kelly, Ed (Athlete)
O'Leary, Frank (Athlete-Builder)
Pickard Sr., Chris (Builder)


Browne, Jim (Builder)
Fowlow, Robert (Athlete)
Furlong, Dennis (Athlete-Builder)
Jackson, Jim (Athlete)
Miller, Adrain (Athlete-Builder)
Power, Cyril (Athlete)
Ryan, Joe (Athlete-Builder)


Atkins, Ches (Athlete)
Coaker, Don (Athlete)
Emberley, Jim (Athlete)
Gatherall, Joe (Athlete)
Gillies, Ted (Athlete)
Hillier, George (Athlete)
Parsons, George (Athlete)
Will, Ray (Athlete)


Bartlett, Monsignor George F (Builder)
Bell, Jack (Athlete)
Burnell, Grant (Athlete)
Canning, Jack (Athlete)
Clancy, James A (Builder)
Cotter, Billy (Athlete)
Coultas, Herb (Athlete)
Johnson, Arthur (Builder)
Johnston, Dr David (Athlete)
Kelly, Pat (Athlete)
Meaney, Art (Athlete-Builder)
Power, Gregory (Athlete)
Rabbitts, John V (Builder)
Sharpe, Duncan (Athlete)
Simms, Robert (Athlete)
Skirving, Harvey (Athlete)
St. Croix, Harold (Athlete)
Stender, Wulf (Builder)
Stone, Clifford (Athlete)
Will, Nicola (Athlete)
Wyatt, Henry (Builder)


Brockerville, Gordon (Athlete-Builder)
Carroll, Dave "Snowy" (Athlete-Builder)
Graham, Kelly (Athlete)
Grant, Gillian (Athlete)
Halley, Gerry (Athlete)
O'Toole, Ronald (Athlete)


Follett, Gordon (Athlete)
Oakley, Alex (Athlete)
Pomeroy, Eric (Builder)
Spurrell, Charlie (Athlete)
Steele, Geoffery (Builder)
Stirling, Geoff (Athlete)


Fitzpatrick, Maria (Athlete)
Hayward, Ferd (Athlete)
Hutchings, Gerald (Athlete)
Lawrence, Chester (Athlete)
McCloy, Paul (Athlete)
O'Neill, Dolph (Athlete)

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