Hall of Fame

Ben Dunne

Category: Athlete-Builder
Inducted: Thursday, July 12, 2012

For more than 50 years Ben Dunne recorded impressive achievements and made exceptional contributions within Newfoundland and Labrador athletics. This aspect of his life was a major part of a great sports career that greatly affected a wide range of worthwhile activities as he made significant contributions to an extremely wide group of beneficial activities.

As a runner, he fashioned an extremely impressive list of competitions within athletics. He entered the annual Telegram Ten 20 times and was a winner in 1973, had six marathon runs and was outstanding in a series of distance events in many different locations. They included three Boston marathons, the Johnny Miles Marathon in Nova Scotia and cross country running with Memorial University. He finished well in all events.

His athletics coaching is really extensive and includes a world junior track and field championship. He attended numerous training camps and was coach for many events including Canada Games and provincial games. He contributed greatly as an official at a variety of competitions and was active in organizing many other events.

He is a member of three other halls of fame and has been involved in a very successful fashion in soccer, hockey, rugby, rowing and several sports activities both as an athlete and as a builder. He has been a highly successful participant in community life.

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