Hall of Fame

Max Kirby

Category: Athlete
Inducted: Thursday, July 12, 2012

Max Kirby compiled an amazing record for track and field in the late 1930’s as he excelled in a variety of competitions and recorded more than 40 first place finishes and included an impressive number of record performances. In his age category he was crtainly the most noticeable athlete with an exceptional number of victories.

He started his great track and field career while a high school pupil at St. Patrick’s High School and continued to better it as a member of the Church Lads Brigade. He was simply a great track and field competitor who also excelled in basketball, soccer and bowling.

During two years, 1937 to 1939, of NAAA championships he was first in five events while adding two silver medals and one bronze medal. He set two indoor and two other records during these championships. For a 1938 indoor track meet, he won five different races. He had two firsts and one second for a 1940 indoor meet.

He had an amazing showing for two CLB sponsored meets. In 1938 and again in 1939 he won eight of eleven events in each event and set six records while doing so.

He constantly demonstrated his great track prowess by winning numerous race in indoor and outdoor meets as he established himself as one of the finest runners of his time.

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