Hall of Fame

Dolph O'Neill

Category: Athlete
Inducted: Saturday, October 1, 2005
Place of Birth: St. John's

Dolph O´Neill, from Bell Island, was affectionately known as the Bell Island strong boy. He was a tremendous hammer thrower and discus thrower. His specialty was the 16 pound shot put. On July 24, 1946, he set a Newfoundland record with a throw of 40 feet 9 inches. The record stood for approximately 40 years. In his career he won numerous medals, ribbons and cups in the throwing events. One of the highlights of his career was being chosen as one of the All Newfoundland Track&Field members to compete against the American bases. The meet was held at Argentia Navel Base in the mid 1940´s. O´Neill won his specialty, the shot put, and placed in both the hammer throw and the discus throw. The All Newfoundland team was fortunate enough to win the meet, and O´Neill was an important member of that team. He ws extremely proud of representing the Bell Island track and field team in the 1940´s and 1950´s. He took deep pride when the Bell Island team won the All Newfoundland Track&Field Championships, for himself and his fellow Bell Island team mates.

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