Hall of Fame

Eric Pomeroy

Category: Builder
Inducted: Saturday, June 24, 2006

Eric Pomeroy´s 23-year career in track and field was overflowing with important contributions in a wide range of beneficial activities. A leader from his 1940 start to his 1963 conclusion, he devoted outstanding talents to the organization and operation of the meets and road races that allowed hundreds of local and visiting athletes to display their skill.

It was his long-time association with the Church Lads Brigade and the alumni of the Old Comrades that Eric Pomeroy first became involved with track and field. In a manner similar to his St. John's Regatta involvement, he joined other CLB friends for the betterment of the sport. He was the long-time president of the Newfoundland branch of the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada and as such headed track and field. He was a very competent judge, an excellent administrator and organizer and a very successful fund raiser for the sport. All of his activities were extremely valuable during the period in which he was involved.

Eric Pomeroy was extremely active in the annual Newfoundland Track and Field Championships that were held annually during August on Bell Island. With athletes entering from all over Newfoundland, from at least two U .S. Military bases and from Mainland Canada and the United States, great organizational skills were required to provide a rewarding meet.

Arranging transportation across the Tickle to the Island, negotiating meals for the athletes and running an eight-hour very busy meet for two age classes required special skills and the ability to co-operate well. Eric Pomeroy brought these skills to track and field

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