Hall of Fame

Geoffery Steele

Category: Builder
Inducted: Saturday, June 24, 2006

Geoff Steele´s exceptional contributions to track and field came during a period of time when there was a great need for support of the sport. Following an athletic career that included considerable success in race walking for the Fieldians Athletic Association, Steele joined the executive of the local branch of the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada.

The Union was responsible for several sports within Canada and the local branch exerted similar support and control over track and field. There was a shortage of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals to serve on the provincial executive and Steele offered his time in a manner that was certainly welcomed.

With a race walking career that ran from the mid-1940's to the early 1950's, Steele had acquired a detailed understanding of track and field rules and regulations and coupled with his unbiased and fair approach to judging, especially race walking events, provided excellent support for provincial track and field.

It was always evident that he regarded track and field as his most important sport and devoted a great deal of time and effort to every track meet that was held. In addition, he provided his expertise to the numerous walking and running road races that were held on an annual basis. During his time on the AAU of C local executive Geoff Steele was an important contributor to the success of the sport.

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