There are certain criteria that must be met (and pre-approved by NLAA ) in order to participate in the Tely 10 with a service animal. There are also strict conditions that service animals and handlers must abide by on race day. These specifications are extremely important to ensuring the safety of all participants involved.

The first stipulation requires recent documentation from a physician stating that this dog is indeed a service animal, and that the handler requires the dog for reasons relating to a disability. We may also inquire as to what types of tasks your service dog performs for you.

Once we have received this information, we can approve/deny your request.

Conditions for Race Day:

  1. You will need to start at the end of the pack
  2. You will still need to finish the road race within the 3½ hour time limit. This is a rule all participants must adhere to, as the roads reopen after 3½ hours and it could be very dangerous
  3. You will need to have the dog wear a vest and tag to identify him/her as a service dog to the other participants.
  4. The dog must be able to work quietly in public without barking, whining or otherwise creating a distraction. It is very important that this animal not show aggression (growl, snarl, bark) at any time.
  5. The animal may not defecate or urinate inappropriately in public. The clean-up of any feces is the responsibility of the handler and it is recommended that you carry disposable poop bags with you for this reason.
  6. The animal must wear a harness and stay on a leash at all times. The leash cannot be retractable and should be less than 6 feet long.
  7. You must maintain control over the animal at all times. If any of these situations is to occur, you and the animal will need to be removed from the course.

Please submit the required documentation at least one week prior to the event by email to