Paradise - Mount Pearl - St. John’s, NL, Canada Start Time - 8:00am (Wheelchair 7:57am)

RACE DAY - June 23, 2024


96th Tely 10 Mile Road Race
Sunday, June 23rd, 2024

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To ensure that registration e-mails and other important communication from the 2024 Tely 10 organizers do not end up in the spam folder, please add and to your contact list.

Race Date:
Sunday, June 23rd, 2024
Capacity Limit:

Current entry and waitlist count: 3,113.

Regular registration will close at 11:59 pm, Monday, June 10, or when the event is sold out.
Minimum Age Limit:
Age 15 as of December 31, 2024 (born in 2009).
Early Bird Fee:
Souvenir T-Shirt selection option (size/style) will depend on available inventory.
Regular Fee:
Souvenir T-Shirt selection option (size/style) will depend on available inventory.
Tely 10 Team Declaration:
Time Limit & Traffic:
The Finish Line will close at 11:30 a.m. Roads will reopen to traffic earlier.
After 10:30 a.m. Tely 10 walkers must use sidewalks along the course and obey all traffic rules.
Tely 10 participants are reminded that the race uses public roads that are not entirely closed to all vehicular traffic. Race vehicles, local residents, and emergency vehicles may still be on the road.
Finishing Medals:
All finishers receive a custom Tely 10 finishing medal!
Purchase options:
Bus pass to Start Line ($6.00 purchased online before Monday, June 10 / $10.00 during race kit pick-up times)
iTAB ($10)
Make it a race to remember by personalizing your medal with your name and finish time. Collect your medal at the finish line and your iTAB will arrive in the mail 2 to 3 weeks after the race. The iTAB fits neatly and securely onto your medals ribbon and is a perfect way to celebrate and share your achievements.
Tely 10 iTAB image


Tely registration reached the capacity limit. Add your name to the Waitlist. Please note that souvenir Tely 10 T-Shirt selection option (size/style) will depend on available inventory. Confirm Your Entry!

Race kit pick-up

Race kits (bib and t-shirt) not picked up by the end of the last session on Saturday will be donated or otherwise disposed of.

Location and times

All Race Kits (bib number, T-shirt, Chip and race information) MUST be picked at the The Re/Max Centre (St. John’s Curling Club), 135 Mayor Avenue, St. John’s: during the following times:

  • Thu, June 20th - 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Fri, June 21st - 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Sat, June 22nd - 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Good to know!

  • Picture ID is required for Race Kit pick-up.
  • Race kits that are not picked up by Saturday before the race will be disposed of or donated.
  • There will be no pick-up of Race Kits and no registration on Race Day, Sunday, June 23, 2024.

Pick-up someone else’ race kit

  1. Picture ID is required for Race Kit pick-up.
  2. At the time of race kit pick-up, you submit a fully completed Official Tely 10 Authorization Form (download PDF file), and;
  3. Sign for another participant’s race kit.


The Tely 10 Mile Road Race is open to wheelchair participants. Hand Cycles are not permitted; hand cyclists can contact their local cycling event or Bicycle NL for more information on Para-Cycling opportunities

All push rim and assisted wheelchair participants MUST wear helmets to participate in the Tely 10.

To be eligible for awards, all wheelchair participants must meet the following key criteria:

  • Only hand-operated, push-rim chairs are allowed; Participants must propel their chair by gripping the wheel rims by hand;
  • No mechanical steering devices are allowed;
  • No mechanical gears or levers are allowed to propel the wheelchair.
  • All registered wheelchair participants MUST wear a helmet to participate in the Tely 10.
  • It is the responsibility of each wheelchair participant to ensure that no part of their lower limbs can fall from their wheelchair to the ground or road during the event.
  • All approved wheelchair participants must start with the early designated official wheelchair start on race morning.
  • The racing chair shall have two large wheels (not to exceed 70cm in diameter) and one small wheel (not to exceed 50cm in diameter).
  • No part of the racing chair may protrude behind the vertical plane of the back edge of the rear tires nor extend in front of the center of the front wheel hub.
  • One push rim is allowed for each large wheel.
  • Mirrors are not allowed.
  • The racing chair must be push-rim, manually-propelled (no gears, levers or electronic steering). The athlete can propel a wheelchair independently.
  • There is no delay because of equipment failure.
  • Athletes can use racing gloves (soft or hard gloves).
  • Both the wheelchair participant and the aide must register for the race. Event shirt, bib, and timing chip must be picked up during the race kit pick-up times.
  • Assisted wheelchair participants and participants with powered wheelchairs are not eligible for competitive awards; they can claim a finisher’s medal upon crossing the finish line.
  • All approved pushed or power wheelchair participants will have the option to start at the back of the corrals or with the push rim competitors at 7:57 am.
  • Participants must finish the course within the allotted time/designated finish time. The finish line closes at 11:30 am.
  • All assisted wheelchair participants MUST wear a helmet (hippocampe BEACH, all-terrain etc.)
  • Do not exceed the speed of 10 km per hour
  • No racing is permitted and participants are asked to exercise caution when passing.
  • After starting the event and participants are on the road, we ask that they stay closer to the right curb.
  • Moving in a single file is best on the road. When the crowd spreads out, and participants are vigilant and have good visibility, they can move side-by-side with another participant, but only up to two abreast.

Registration Confirmation

* If you cannot find your name, try entering your first or last name only, without a city.