The Tely 10 Mile Road Race is open to wheelchair participants. Hand Cycles are not permitted; hand cyclists can contact their local cycling event or Bicycle NL for more information on Para-Cycling opportunities

To be eligible for awards all wheelchair participants must meet the following key criteria:

  • Only hand operated, push-rim chairs are allowed; Participants must propel their chair by gripping the wheel rims by hand;
  • No mechanical steering devices are allowed;
  • No mechanical gears or levers are allowed to propel the wheelchair.
  • Safety Rules
    • Assisted wheelchair participants and participants with powered wheelchairs are not eligible for awards and must ensure that their aide is also entered into the race.
    • All registered wheelchair participants MUST wear a helmet to participate in the Tely 10.
    • It is the responsibility of each wheelchair participant to ensure that no part of their lower limbs can fall from their wheelchair to the ground or road during the event.
    • All approved wheelchair participants are required to start with the early designated official wheelchair start on race morning. All approved pushed or power wheelchair participants will have the option to start at the back of the corrals.
  • The racing chair shall have two large wheels (not to exceed 70cm in diameter) and one small wheel (not to exceed 50cm in diameter).
  • No part of the racing chair may protrude behind the vertical plane of the back edge of the rear tires nor extend in front of the center of the front wheel hub.
  • One push rim allowed for each large wheel.
  • Mirrors are not allowed.
  • The racing chair must be push-rim, manually-propelled (no gears, levers or electronic steering). The athlete can propel a wheelchair independently.
  • No delay due to equipment failure.
  • Athlete can use racing gloves (soft or hard gloves).