Overall Series Awards

The overall Series awards are based on the best 2 placings out of 3 races in each applicable category. Only NLAA affiliated schools are eligible for team awards.

Overall Series Awards Winners


  • The winner in each category (boys and girls) will receive a $50.00 gift certificate from a local sports store.
  • Participation Certificate - Participants that have crossed the finish line in any one of the three meets will receive a Digital Certificate of Participation acknowledging their participation in the 2023 Series. All certificates will be e-mailed to the school team contact.


  • The "Paul McCloy" Award - Championship banners to the top three schools!
    This winner is determined by combining the boys and girls team scoring in any one category in one meet, with the winner to be the lowest scoring school in 2 of 3 meets, comparing to schools across all categories.
  • School Category Awards
    Award Banner will be presented to the School Winner in each category for boys and girls.
  • "School with the Most Participants" - Team banners will be awarded to the top 3 schools!
    Awards will be given to the School with the most finishers, boys and girls combined, over the course of ALL (three) races and categories.