Stay safe - Become a model spectator

  • DON’T come to the event site 5-10 minutes before the start of your race and expect to pick up your number immediately; be mindful of the fact that you would need to allow time to affix the bib to your jersey.
  • DON’T crowd, come near, or rush to provide cover for your child while in the finishing chute; It only takes several minutes for Organizers to process and record the athletes’ finishing order. Any interference in the chute area will slow them down and lead to errors if non-participants walk by, chat, take pictures, drop off clothes, or otherwise distract the organizers or participants.
  • DO stay behind the ropes/fencing, and stay away from the competition areas at all times, including finishing chute.
  • Teachers/Team leaders - make yourself noticeable to your students by wearing distinct clothing and colour; please let your students know your location during the meet.

Stay safe - Become a model spectator

Spectators/Parents/Coaches and non-competing athletes: Please cooperate and stay away from the race course and the finish area. Enthusiastic spectators have gotten in the way of athletes and also add to the general confusion.

Race Course: No one is allowed on the course without a properly issued race number. Spectators must stay clear of the course to avoid interfering with the participants.

Do Not Litter: Help keep the course beautiful by not littering. Respect the property of others while spectating. Do Not Litter

Pets: Please pick up after your pet and hold animals on a short leash. Keep them away from runners and be considerate of others.

Parents should watch their children at all times. There will be hundreds of participants and spectators at the race.