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Toyota Series

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The Series: NLAA extends our sincere appreciation to the Series sponsor - Toyota Dealership’s in St. John’s, NL! NLAA is grateful for the Toyota Plaza Dealership’s continued sponsorship of the Provincial Road Running Series.

The Races: NLAA member clubs organize all races part of the Provincial Road Running Series. The races are popular, offer friendly competition in 8 different age groups, and the top three male and female age group winners are recognized at the end of each race. During the award ceremonies, several Toyota Series race t-shirts are available as draw prize to eligible participants.

Toyota Series Awards Program

The Overall Series awards are based on points accumulated during the race season. Runners must participate in a minimum of 3 races, and the top 6 scores count towards the overall total (NLAA Road/Track members only).

Points System

  • A points system will be used to determine the Series standings in each age category.
  • The first place finisher in each race category receives 10 points, the second 9 points, the third 8 points, the fourth 7 points, the fifth 6 points, the sixth 5 points, the seventh 4 points, the eight 3 points, the ninth 2 points, and the tenth and each subsequent runner gets 1 point. Race category placing includes member and non-member participants.
  • NewNumber of Races (3 to 6): To be included in the FINAL standings a runner must obtain points in at least three races. The best six races are counted for each runner in the accumulated total.
  • Resolving Ties (first place only): First-place ties will be resolved in favour of a runner a) with the most top-place finishes, b) more head-to-head wins, and c) a higher position in the NLAA 10km road running rankings.


Only NLAA registered competitive (road running and track & field) members for the current year will be eligible to accumulate points for the Series standings. Points will only be credited while competing as an NLAA annual competitive member.

Runners will not be credited with points achieved at a race while not a member. There will be no retroactive acceptance of performances.



  • First Place: $250.00 cheque to each category winner.
  • Top 3 category finishers: Recognition award (approximate value $50.00-$60.00)

Competition Categories

  • New Age Categories for male and female:
    U20; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70-79; 80+.
  • Age is calculated as of December 31st in the year of the event.

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