Paradise - Mount Pearl - St. John’s, NL, Canada Start Time - 8:00am (Wheelchair 7:57am)

RACE DAY - June 23, 2024



Presented in memory of Dr. John P. Williams to the Tely 10 participant who has inspired others through enthusiastic and spirited participation in the annual Telegram 10 Mile Road Race.

(2014) Recipient: Derrick Roul

Derrick Roul is an avid runner who first began running in 2008. He had completed many Tely 10s and had encouraged and helped fellow runners with their training for running the Tely, as well as for marathon running. After running the Boston Marathon in the spring of 2012 he was invited to run The New York Marathon in the fall of 2013 - because of his time of 3:00:36 in one of the hottest marathons on record!!

In October while training for the NY marathon, Derrick noticed his back was getting sore but he attributed this to an injured muscle from the gym. On October 2nd, which was his birthday, he ran 42 kms. On October 21st the pain went to his chest and he went to the emergency department. The next day he was told he had leukemia. After a couple days of shock his only question to the doctors was, "What do I have to do to get better?"

During the next month of hospitalization, he underwent numerous bone marrow aspirations, had surgical procedures to insert IV lines in his chest, spinal taps and two rounds of chemo. Each day he woke up with a positive attitude and did some form of exercise; whether it be a work out in his room, laps around the hospital or a walk around Long Pond. Not once did his attitude waiver.

Finally, after a long six rounds of chemotherapy, Derrick’s brother was determined to be a match for a bone marrow transplant. After more chemo and radiation he received the transplant on April 10. The next day he wrote 336 on his white board. That was the number of hours he said he was going to be in the hospital. All the nurses and doctors had a little chuckle at this goal because 6-8 weeks was the usual minimum recovery time. But they didn’t know what kind of determined person they were dealing with. With an hour to spare he was discharged from the hospital to begin his recovery. It was a hard couple of months, but every day he got a little better and he pushed himself to get out of bed and do something. Finally, in the fall he got the go ahead from his doctors to start increasing his activity again. He has worked his way back and is now back to his pre-illness fitness level.

Derrick has a love of running and loves to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with anyone who needs help. Since his recovery, Derrick has been speaking to school kids and Girl Guide groups about his running, his illness and his recovery. His aim has been to motivate kids and show them that anything is possible!! A week after one of his presentations with the Girl Guides, one mother spoke to the leader and asked her to thank Derrick for her. Her daughter, who was overweight was so motivated by his speech that now she and her mother were training for a five kilometre run!

Derrick is supported by his wife Stacey and their children Katie and Aidan, and his two buddies Kirk and Melvin - all of whom are here to celebrate with him today!

As his nominator said "There is no one who loves to run or who loves to share his love of running with others more than him".
Congratulations Derrick!!!

To be eligible for this award, the candidate:

  • must have participated in the Tely 10 road race at least once
  • must have specifically motivated others to participate in the Tely 10, either by walking or running or as a wheelchair participant
  • must by participation in the Tely 10 have inspired and motivated others to become physically active

The candidate may be someone who:

  • began regular exercise at an advanced age
  • overcame a serious emotional or physical challenge in life
  • or began exercising while recovering from a serious or life-threatening illness

Submission deadline

  • Nominations must be sent to Patricia Williams by Monday, June 10, 2024.
  • Please send the nomination via email in Microsoft Word format or Portable Document Format (PDF). Please ensure that the following information is submitted along with the nomination:
    1. Nominee
      • Name
      • Address
      • City/Town
      • Province & Postal Code
      • Telephone
    2. Nominator
      • Name
      • Address
      • City/Town
      • Province & Postal Code
      • Telephone
      • E-mail
    3. Reason for the nomination
    4. Date & Signature of Nominator


  • Candidates for this award may be nominated by any Tely 10 participant or a member of the Organizing Committee.
  • All nominations will be carefully considered and voted on by a Selection Committee with the winner decided by majority vote.